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Tourist attractions in Cairns

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What to do in Cairns

Cairns is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Australia, boasting over 600 activities, tours and destinations to visit and enjoy. The city is alive with its tropical and relaxed atmosphere that mimics its luscious reef and rainforest surroundings. With the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef on your doorstep, as well as adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, horse riding, bush walking and access to aboriginal culture attractions, Cairns is never short of something to see or do. For further information on this array of activities, and more, visit the following websites:

Paradise only seconds away

The location of the Tropical Institute is only moments away from the Cairns CBD. The city centre provides contemporary city facilities combined with the best of Far North Queensland’s famous hospitality. Students are sure to find something to suit their budget and desires in the city centre, from cultural hubs such as museums, art galleries and music venues to more conventional forms of entertainment such as cinemas, cafes, restaurants and retail. The Esplanade and Lagoon situated along the pier will also provide an escape for students, with relaxing activities such as sunbathing or reading by the Lagoon, or more social outings such as free BBQ areas,  free live entertainment and even free yoga. For more information on these activities, and more, take a look at these websites:

Top Ten must-do activities

Here in Cairns, you can enjoy the unique surroundings and true Australian lifestyle whilst undertaking your study. Here is our Top 10 list of must-do activities during your studies at Tropical Institute:

1. Get up close and personal with the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef, and is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Take a dive to truly experience the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef, or snorkel with your friends to get amongst the mass of abundant marine life and coral cays. and

Get up close and personal with the Great Barrier Reef

2. Take a leap and Skydive

This one is a totally adventurous experience for thrill-seekers and those after an adrenaline rush. Take a dive from an aeroplane and land on one of Far North Queensland’s pristine beaches. Check out more information on these websites: and

Take a leap and Skydive

3. Get in touch with the local nightlife

Cairns’ nightlife is truly one of a kind, and prices are extremely student friendly. With the Mad Cow, Heritage and Gilligan’s to name a few, the party scene in Cairns is sure to keep you entertained until the early hours of the morning. Keep up to date with special events and information on these clubs the following website:

Get in touch with the local nightlife

4. Go horse riding or quad biking with friends

Get in touch with Far North Queensland’s country roots and go horse riding or join a quad biking tour at one of the region’s many farm inspired locations such as Blazing Saddles or Mungali Falls. This one is a true Australian experience not to be missed. Visit these websites for details: and

5. Smile with a crocodile

Get to know this local Australian and many more of its reptile friends in and around the Cairns region. Be adventurous and watch a crocodile feeding, or get up close and personal with snakes, lizards and more cuddly locals like Koalas. For more details on Hartley’s Crocodile Farm follow the link:

Smile with a crocodile

6. Take a dip at Crystal Cascades

In the hot far northern climate, this is the perfect location to cool off. Featuring a spectacular waterfall and clear, beautiful water, the Crystal Cascades is the perfect place to hang out and socialise.

Take a dip at Crystal Cascades

7. Relax with friends by the Lagoon

The Cairns lagoon is a great place to swim, mingle with friends or enjoy a BBQ. Students can enjoy the local scenery and meet new friends while experiencing the beautiful views from the esplanade. There are also many free activities to enjoy along the Cairns Esplanade. Visit the website for upcoming events:

Relax with friends by the Lagoon

8. Go wet and wild with White Water Rafting

Immerse yourself in nature’s powerful water rapids in the extreme sport of white-water rafting. Far North Queensland is the best and most famous place to experience this in Australia; don’t miss the opportunity. Visit the website for more details:

 Go wet and wild with White Water Rafting

9. Take a walk on the wild side at Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve

Visit Africa’s wildest animals at the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve. Lions, Tigers, Rhinoceroses and Hippopotamuses await your arrival. Take a day visit and gaze upon Cairns’ foreign inhabitants or stay for longer and witness a lion feeding session. You can even have breakfast with the lions! View the website for more information:

Take a walk on the wild side at Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve

10. Enjoy local food specialties at Rusty’s markets

Rusty’s food markets are the best place to shop for local fruit and vegetables. All produce comes from around the region for you to enjoy. Take a look for yourself or visit the website for details:

Enjoy local food specialties at Rusty’s markets

And that’s just for starters.

For more ideas on the hundreds of other activities follow this link: